Friday, November 6, 2009

Our hats off to the silent genius

I am no great fan of cricket, apart from a passing interest generally displayed on lazy afternoons. My insider's dope on the personal lives of the cricketers is next to nil and heck I don't even have a autograph. No cricket bat/ball adorns my room and if someone invites me for a game of cricket, I settle down comfortably into the role of an arm chair critic. But after what I saw yesterday, my admiration for one man has reached the zenith - Sachin Tendulkar. Look at his figures. My eyes were riveted as this man stood his ground and took those amazing shots wherever it was possible and made the impossible seem achievable. His team mates came and went and contributed next to nothing (except for the likes of Sehwag and Raina) while this man chased, ran and exerted himself to every possible extent to show that this was not just a game of cricket. There was lot at stake. Even if he had to go down, he had to make noise and show that the victory would not be easy as long as the likes of him were around. That is why it was such a pleasure to watch him defeat the well-planned strategies of Ricky Ponting. And that is why it was with a sad sigh that I watched him fall down as the exhaustion finally caught up with him. And that is why I watched with anger as the rest of his teammates destroyed what he had so painstakingly built. It was like Taj Mahal being built in a fast forward mode, and then being subjected to brute destruction. While the better known of his teammates hog the headlines with their adverts, their driving Hummers without registration, and their occasional forays into the world of fashion and glamour, this silent genius prefers to rise to the occasion, like a lion. Hats off to Sachin Tendulkar!

From my Diary


I had copied this prayer in my diary a long long time ago and haven't been able to trace the source. The power of belief that the prayer celebrates has held my fascination, though the page on which this prayer was written by itself has yellowed.

I've been praying for you
In a special kind of way,
I do not ask for favours
Nor grovel while I pray.

I make the affirmation
That you can carry through
The work you've undertaken
And things you want to do.

I say you have the wisdom,
The vision and the strength
To reach the goal you're seeking,
And you will win at length.

I see you in fulfillment
Of the purposes you seek;
And in imagination
You're standing on the peak.

And then I thank the good Lord
That the thing a man believes
And what he dares to picture
Is the thing man receives.

From my diary

Microscopic forms of cardiac hemorrhages have become very frequent in the recent years. They are not always fatal. Some people get over them. It's a typical modern disease. I think its causes are of a moral order. The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant, systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to get affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn't just a fiction, it's a part of our physical body and our soul exists in space and is inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can't be forever violated with impunity.