Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Thank You Note

I tried writing this as a poem...(I don't even know how I conceive of myself as a poet) But this is one of those occasions when prose aids me better.
Two tiny bundles lying by my side...night after peaceful bliss. My priceless diamonds as I call them, I never knew that they were going to come into my life this soon...and thrust on me the sweet responsibilities of motherhood. I don't curse the sleepless nights that I spend...just to be sure that I answer to they calls promptly. And the strange kind of pleasure that I feel in arranging their beds, decking them up for their walks, taking care of their diet and so on and so forth. Two years ago, if anyone had asked me on what motherhood means, my answer in all probability would have been clinical. Trust me on that. But today,...I fall short of words to describe. Yes, I have had to make a few sacrifices along the way..chief among them being the pleasures of my bachelorette days. But then,...the sense of pride that I felt in welcoming my twins has consigned everything else to the closet...never to be opened as of now and for some time to come.

I am indeed honoured and humbled to be called a mother. The first time I heard R mouth 'ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaa' and B following suit..... trust heart skipped a beat. This is proud moment as a mother. Thank you B and R for making my life so beautiful.