Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Blast from the Past! A Magical Pair of Glasses

A dear soul had sent these birthday wishes 6 years ago, one of the most thoughtful and well-written lines. I often wonder how long it took to write these words. And every day that I read them, it is a new day, with a new pair of glasses (or lenses???)

Over a period of time, the colour of the glasses may have changed (as yours truly graduated from a frustrated research scholar into a academic and a mother), but the words have not lost their meaning. So, here we go, I post them once again:

A Birthday wish

As you add yet another year of experience
To your quiver called LIFE,
I wish for you a new pair of glasses -
A magical pair - that lets you see
The world a bit differently -

Where troubles look like opportunities
And problems are challenges!
Where while accounting for mounting liabilities
You realize that your assets balance them off.
For after all - accounting is all about Balancing, na?

Where while projecting the anguish of characters
From the novels you read, on to your own life,
You realize that you are scripting your own novel,
To be read by others and all of life is just a drama.
And the more you laugh at your own novel, the more you enjoy it.

Have a nice day and a wonderful year ahead

PS: I added another year this year... and can only sigh at all those ebooks that I downloaded, hoping to read sometime, and all those novels and plays gathering dust on my bookshelf, which I had hoped to reread sometime.  

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