Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Surviving Through Another Day

This poem was actually written when I had first entered a Grade 1 right after my MA to teach. Imagine the changed environment. For a minute I was left totally clueless. These thoughts arose in my mind at that time and at a much removed moment were crystallised into the form of a poem [prosaic poem if it may be termed!]

I saw silently
As my self tore in pain
It went, flying away,
Never to return again.
Couldn't help but remain numb
And watch with a smile,
As my silent eyes' protests
Remained forever futile.
The self that stayed
Took the burden and reins
Coz it was damned forever
To be cold and vain.
So I survive
Another day
Seeing a part of myself go
And a part of myself stay.

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